Executive Biographies
Paula Schneider
Hassan Natha
Chief Financial Officer
Marty Bailey
Chief Manufacturing Officer
Having been at the forefront of major growth and change in the apparel industry for over 18 years, Bailey brings to American Apparel a wealth of experience, having successfully managed manufacturing services and operations for companies such as Fruit of the Loom, Alstyle Apparel, Volunteer Knit Apparel and Beltex Underwear.

Bailey has earned a reputation in the apparel industry as a T-shirt genius for his ability to implement cost-effective programs, streamlining and organizing production growth.

Since his arrival at American Apparel in spring 2002, as one of his many new constructive programs, Bailey quickly bolstered production at American Apparel, integrating a new system and advancing apparel technology into the 21st century. Bailey's brilliant manufacturing modification has resulted in record-breaking sales and increased wages for skilled workers. As chief manufacturing officer, Bailey is responsible for overseeing production planning, purchasing, sourcing, product development and quality-assurance.
Chelsea A. Grayson
General Counsel, Executive Vice President & Secretary